Winter Diet – How to Stay Cozy with These Winter Comfort Foods

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Winter Diet – How to Stay Cozy with These Winter Comfort Foods

Eat warming pies, stews, roasts, soups and other comfort foods to stay cozy this winter.

There is no denying the fact that your diet is crucial to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy. In winter, as the temperature drops, the craving for winter comfort foods takes a steep hike. During winter months, staying on top of your diet and eating the right winter foods is very difficult for many. Getting a healthy dose of nutrients is important to prevent colds and flu and prevent winter weight gain. Sticking to a healthy winter diet that prevents you from getting sick and boosts your immunity is important to stay fit and healthy during the winter season.

If you are thinking of following a healthy winter diet plan and incorporating some winter foods to your diet to stay fit and strong, here are some dietary measures you can take to make sure your body stays warm during the winter months.

Eat Root Veggies

During the winter season, when it’s cold outside, it’s difficult to resist eating unhealthy comfort foods. However, adding some winter vegetables to your diet is a healthy decision to provide your body with the adequate amount of essential vitamins, and minerals to ensure your immunity remains strong. Winter veggies such as carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes, and beets are a healthy addition to your winter diet plan.

Start Your Day with Oatmeal

Eating a warm bowl of oatmeal is a scrumptious way to start your day. Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast option that provides all the essential nutrients your body needs to stay fit, especially during the winter. It is loaded with important mineral zinc, which is crucial for a strong immune system. A high dose of fiber can keep you feeling full for longer and improve your cardiovascular health. You can add blueberries, apples, dates, banana or any of your favorite food to enhance its nutritional power.

Eat More Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of essential amino acids, high-quality protein, selenium, iron, iodine, vitamin D, B6 and B12 and copper. These vitamins, minerals and protein are important for nourishing your body and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Increase Your Iron Intake

Believe it or not, iron is an important mineral that performs important body functions. They are mainly responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body and produce red blood cells. Fortunately, there are many excellent sources of iron that can provide you with a healthy dose of iron required your body to produce red blood cells. Red meat, spinach, legumes, broccoli, beets, quinoa are a few iron-rich foods that you can add to your winter diet to fulfill your daily iron requirement.

Eat Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that plays a key role in boosting immunity and energy levels. During winter months, it is highly advised to eat vitamin c rich foods such as citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red pepper, guava, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries and papaya. It is also good for your cardiovascular health, improve your skin and protect you from many health issues. Stay healthy this winter by increasing your vitamin C intake.

Add more Dairy Products to Your Diet

Incorporating dairy products into your diet can keep your immune system in a superb condition. Dairy products, such as milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt are rich in protein, vitamins, calcium and keep your

Eat Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nuts and dried fruits can be a healthy winter snack and should be an important part of your winter diet. They are nutrient-dense foods that contain vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals, folate and other essential compounds. Dried fruits and nuts are high in fiber content that slows down the glucose release, thus controlling blood sugar levels. The high fiber content also promotes digestion, keep you feel fuller, curb cravings and help you reduce weight.  They provide the highest amount of monounsaturated fat which is considered as clean fat that can keep you feeling full for longer. They are good for boosting immunity, promoting bone, skin, and hair health.

Add Cinnamon to Your Diet

Cinnamon is one of the richest sources of potent antioxidants that can keep you healthy. It plays a great role in boosting metabolism, promoting digestion, breaking down of food. One of the major benefits of incorporating cinnamon into your diet is that it burns more fat and prevent you from winter weight gain. You can add this warming spice to your winter diet plan for added flavor and warmth. There are many delicious ways to add cinnamon to your diet, such as curries, teas, coffees and any hot winter beverage.

Limit Your Carb Intake

Carb-rich foods are tempting and taste greater, but trust me, curbing your carb cravings can help you stay on your weight loss goals during the winter months.  If truth be told, cutting back on carbs is no easy feat. Adding some delicious, protein-rich foods can help you eliminate sugary foods from your diet.

Try Some Healthy Winter Recipe Ideas

Here I have listed some healthy recipe ideas that you can add to your winter diet plan. These winter recipes will provide you with essential nutrition and flavor without putting on extra weight.

Winter Vegetable & Lentil Soup

A healthy vegetable and lentil soup is a perfect addition to your winter diet that can boost your immunity and provide a healthy dose of protein your body needs to function well.

Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti

Try this comfort food this winter, made with chicken, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, basil leaves, and pasta.

Goat’s Cheese, Pear and Walnut Tartines

This quick and easy winter recipe is highly nutritious and delicious. To make this yummy winter food, you need pears, olive oil, honey, bread, goat’s cheese, chives, walnuts, balsamic vinegar and salad leaves.

All-In-One Chunky Winter Broth

A healthy and delicious way to warm you up in winter and get all the essential nutrients your body needs. You need chopped tomatoes, vegetable stock, carrots, beans, spinach, and red pepper pesto. To make it more delicious and flavorsome, you can add your favorite veggies.

Crunchy Winter Salad

Try this simple and nutrient-packed salad to satisfy your evening cravings. Prepare this healthy salad with carrots, celeriac, thyme leaves, garlic cloves, unsalted butter, ground pepper, red beets, pomegranate seeds, lettuce leaves, red onion, nuts, olive oil, vinegar and Dijon mustard.

Some other Mouth-watering Winter Food Recipes

  • Vegan Cheesy Bread with Chickpea Curry Dip
  • Mini Slow-Cooker Lamb Tacos
  • Lemon Chicken Piccata
  • Sesame Chicken Potstickers
  • Classic Italian Meatballs
  • Garlic Sriracha Chicken
  • Mini Slow-Cooker Lamb Tacos
  • Lemon Chicken Piccata
  • Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti
  • Spicy Vegan Lentil Soup
  • Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup
  • White Chicken Chili
  • Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry
  • Garlic Sriracha Chicken
  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Pesto Bolognese Lasagna
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