Best Winter Dessert Recipes with Pretzels

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Best Winter Dessert Recipes with Pretzels

Let’s kick off with a little honesty; I am a pretzel fiend. The enticing aroma which precedes this deceptively simple treat, tantalizes my senses to the point that it makes it hard not to pull them out of the oven even before they are through. What could brighten up a bleak winter evening more than a soft crunchy pretzel? A quirky twist on the pretzels that is!  Here are more palatable reasons (and excuses) to stock up on pretzels and devour them furtively without being labeled a pretzel monster:

1)    Chocolate Peanut butter Pretzels with Pudding Parfaits

Two Words: Ridiculously Scrumptious! The hearty goodness of peanut butter, guilty pleasure of indulging in chocolate and lots and lots of pretzels, this dish might have descended from heaven in the grand feast! This no bake pudding by Beth, is the ultimate solution to all your sugar cravings. Sprinkle in your favorite cookie crumbles and delve in!

2)    Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

This sweet-salty marriage is quite a happy one, I assure. Another creative twist on the culinary magic by Kelly Senyei, this irresistible duo incorporate the best of the best soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, crushed saltish pretzels and drizzled with hot melted chocolate! Someone hide them from me please or I am destined for spanx!

3)    Soft Pretzel Bread Pudding

This recipe should win the best-ever-awesomest-way-to-use-pretzels-award! For those all those in favor of the sweet-salt marriage and can’t decide between indulging their sweet tooth with a sweet pretzel and going with its salty rendition. Putting all such damsels out of distress is this ultra delectable treat by dessertsfortwo. Dig in before it gets cold!

4)    Deep dish Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crust

Let’s celebrate the love for Pretzel and calories with this dreamy dessert by Yammie’s Noshery. Everybody makes a peanut butter pie but what makes this one my favorite is the fact that the crust is a chocolate covered pretzel! Now that’s pure brilliance! Sprinkle a handful of lazy Reese’s cups on top and you have taken care of the aesthetics.

5)    Strawberry Pecan Pretzel Salad

I spotted this spy trying to blend in and I thought, I could eat salad for once! Serve this salad (fake), by the Gunny Sack, at your dinner parties and let your guests indulge in their cravings without aftermaths of guilt. And besides; strawberry and pecans do count as healthy!

6)    Salted Pretzel Caramel Brownies

How could there be so many yummy words in one sentence? Try these decadent fudge brownies, filled with salty pretzels, and drenched in rich caramel, you are bound to thank me later! Gimmesomeoven has definitely heard our prayers for crafting this mouthwatering recipe.

7)    Pretzel Turtles

Mini pretzels are literally sweeping the nations and couldn’t get swept along. Use them on a tierd cake stand as part of a holiday buffet or wrap up in cellophane and spread joy by distributing, these mini festivities, thepioneerwoman are everybody’s favorite!

8)    No-bake Butterfinger and Pretzel Cheese Cake

Here’s how the recipe must have taken roots. Somebody must have had difficulty whether they wanted cheesecake for dessert for a pretzel, (sounds like me) and came up with a pretzel cheese cake! Here’s the recipe by CASSIE JOHNSTON, which is going to make you swoon!




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