8 Diet Mistakes You Should Not Be Making During Quarantine

quarantine diet mistakes
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8 Diet Mistakes You Should Not Be Making During Quarantine

During this COVID-19 pandemic, self-quarantining and social distancing are the best possible solutions to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to this sedentary lifestyle and spending too much time indoors, many people are putting on some extra pounds. Some people are worried about maintaining their weight loss routine during this lockdown, while many want to adopt some healthy habits to boost their immunity to fight the COVID-19.

Here are some diet mistakes people are making during quarantine that can lead to weight gain and obesity. Following some healthy habits can keep you healthy and control your weight during the lockdown. Let’s check out some diet mistakes that make you fat and some healthy ways to keep you healthy and fit.

1. Mindless Snacking

Just because you have nothing to do doesn’t mean to check your fridge and pantry and fill your stomach with too much food. Too much snacking is unhealthy, especially when you have no physical activity due to this COVID-19 lockdown. Snacks that are loaded with sugar, salt, and empty carbohydrates can be dangerous for you and lead to weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, and other health problems. You can satisfy your hunger pangs with some healthy and satisfying snacks and go for some protein and fiber-rich options to fill your stomach for long.

2. Eating Processed Carbs

Bread, pasta, pizza and other foods that contain processed carbs are unhealthy options that you should avoid eating. It is because refined carbs digest quickly and their high glycemic index causes sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels and triggers a surge of insulin to clear sugary carbs. It will build up fat around your waistline and over time lead to type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. However, if you are following an active, rigorous routine and burning off a lot of calories every day, there is no harm in eating bread, pizza and pasta, but in moderation. You can incorporate foods that contain healthy carbs such as multigrain bread, brown rice, barely, whole wheat, quinoa, bran cereal, and oatmeal.

3. Binge Drinking

During this coronavirus lockdown, a majority of people are drinking too much alcohol, which can lead to serious health problems. One or two glasses of cocktail or wine are fine, but if you are consuming too much alcohol, it will create adverse effects on your body, mind and weight. In addition, drinking can disturb your sleep pattern which will cause you to eat more. So, try to limit or avoid alcohol at all and go for refreshing smoothies and fruit juices.

4. Drinking Sodas and Sugary Drinks

If you are drinking soda, juices and other sugary drinks to quench your thirst, you are making a huge mistake that makes you fat. While it seems so refreshing to drink a glass of juice or soda in a hot, sunny day, there is a high amount of sugar present in these drinks. Your body doesn’t need too much sugar, if you consume high amount of sugar, chances are you will develop sugar, obesity and other health problems later in your life.

5. Large Portion Size

It is one of the biggest diet mistakes that many people are making especially when eating comfort foods. Since too many people are ordering food from their favorite restaurant and eating comfort foods during these stressful times, they are not realizing the portion size and high butter and cheese content. If you really want to maintain a healthy weight and get a slimmer waist, keep your portion sizes small.

6. Self-Isolation

Social distancing and self-isolation are excellent practices to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. But that doesn’t mean to completely cut off from your family and friends. Isolating yourself for a longer period of time will lead to depression and other mental problems. During isolation, when people have no activity, they will eat more, drink more, sleep more, and snack more. To maintain your mental health and reduce the risk of developing psychological problems, it is recommended to arrange meetings on Zoom, Skype, or your favorite app to get in touch with your loved ones. Though it will not directly affect your weight, it will promote your mental health, which will be advantageous for your overall body.

7. Sitting All Day  

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, the majority of us are working from home, which results in increased sitting time and less moving time. If you are one of those who are watching the news, streaming your favorite shows all day, and are glutted to your laptop to complete your work, chances are you will gain extra pounds in a few weeks. Moving your body throughout the day is one of the healthiest habits that you should adopt to reduce weight. You can go for a walk to your nearest park or do some ab exercises, stretches or planks by following steps in YouTube videos.

8. Not Following a Routine

This lockdown has brought many unhealthy changes in our lives, and irregular routine is one of them. Many of us are not following a morning routine, which is the key to staying healthy. Get up early in the morning, go for a morning walk, do regular exercise, eat healthy and do your favorite hobby.

Avoiding these diet mistakes and following a healthy routine will keep you fit and reduce your waist size.


Saher Naseem is a health writer who writes about nutrition, fitness, weight loss strategies, skincare, health and wellness. Her writing is mainly focused on delicious recipes and sustainable approach to eating well and losing weight. She follows a gluten-free diet and finds herself making meaty, gluten-free recipes to please herself.

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