Obesity Diet – Eat Healthy to Lose Weight

obesity diet
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Obesity Diet – Eat Healthy to Lose Weight

If you are overweight, you need to cut calories, curb your hunger, exercise daily and stay on track to lose weight. You will face challenges, but with a healthy diet and physical activity you can manage obesity.

Obesity is a chronic health problem that affects people all over the globe and can happen for a myriad of reasons. Controlling obesity and losing weight can be frustrating but achieving a certain balance of weight will prevent you from heart diseases, diabetes and a number of other serious health problems.

Dieting and exercising are the most effective ways to lose weight and manage obesity. You can lose 3-5% of weight with these use useful weight loss tools. However, for severely obese people, diet and exercise are not effective, weight loss surgery is the only option for them to remove body fat.

Achieving a healthy weight is no easy feat. It takes time, effort and willpower. Though you may not see the results right away even after trying every possible weight loss strategy and diet plan. The key is to stay positive and avoid putting pressure on yourself to achieve unrealistic weight loss expectations. Stick to your weight loss diet plan and cut on fat-laden unhealthy junk food to manage obesity.

A Healthy Diet Plan for Obese People

There are a number of weight loss diet plans that claim to help people lose weight. An effective diet for obese people is the one that includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and unprocessed foods that provide you with vitamins, minerals, fiber and vital nutrients.

To lose weight, eat healthy and focus on nourishing your body with essential nutrients instead of depriving it. A healthy diet is a combination of carbs, protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that keep you active and help you achieve an optimum weight. If you want to become a fitter person, follow this obesity diet plan and you will be well on your way to weight loss goals.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast, especially when you are trying to lose weight. It is the most important meal of the day to keep you full and energized. Starting your day with a high protein breakfast is one of the best weight loss methods that will definitely help you shed some pounds. One of the best qualities of high protein diet is that it increases satiety, feels you fuller and curb your hunger. There are hundreds of healthy breakfast recipes available that you can add to your obesity diet plan.

So, start your day with a healthy breakfast to maintain energy levels, curb hunger pangs, minimize cravings, lose weight and keep it off. When it comes to eating a healthy breakfast for losing weight, make sure to add raspberries, yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, and eggs to your diet. These foods are considered the best breakfast foods that keep you full and fueled for the whole day.

Overweight people can try these healthy breakfast recipes:

  • Spinach and egg scramble with raspberries
  • Berry almond smoothie bowl
  • Sriracha, egg, and avocado overnight oats
  • Peanut energy bars
  • Raspberry peach mango smooth bowl
  • Avocado and kale omelet
  • Oatmeal almond protein pancakes
  • Pumpkin apple smoothie
  • Cocoa chia pudding with raspberries
  • Spinach and egg sweet potato toast
  • Chocolate peanut butter protein shake
  • Baked oatmeal with pears
  • Eggs Benedict with avocado cream
  • Ricotta and yogurt parfait
  • Buttermilk oatcakes with raspberry compote

Low-Calorie Lunch Recipes

Overweight and obese people are advised to pan their meals wisely and only eat high-quality diet to promote weight loss. Your lunch should be a perfect combination of protein, carbs, healthy fats and fiber that are low in calories but high in nutrition.

Here are some healthy lunch recipes that can easily be fit in your obesity diet plan.

  • Roast Beef and Horseradish Wrap
  • Tuna-Avocado Sandwich
  • Tofu Salad
  • Fiesta Salad
  • Sausage and Lentil Salad
  • Chicken Salad
  • Salmon Cucumber Boats
  • Chicken Panini
  • Mozzarella and Tomato Salad
  • Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Sandwich
  • Chicken Goat-Cheese Quesadillas
  • Mushroom & thyme risotto
  • Low-fat roasties
  • Carrot, lentil & orange soup

Healthy Snacking  

You can still lose weight while eating snacks – healthy snacks. There is no need to remove snacks from your diet when you are following an obesity diet plan. In fact, snacking is an important part of a healthy diet that can fill you up and provide extra nutrition to keep you active and supercharged. Choosing, low-calorie, protein rich snacks is a healthy option to eat when

friendly snacks that you can add to your obesity diet plan to curb your midday, late night cravings and keep you from getting hungry between meals.

  • Kalamata olives with grape tomatoes and sea salt
  • Carrots and tahini
  • Oatmeal with almond butter
  • Blueberry smoothie
  • Apple nachos
  • Tuna stuffed avocado
  • Melon with hot sauce
  • Tomato and cucumber salad
  • Baked zucchini chips with paprika and sea salt
  • Turkey jerky with mustard
  • Red bell pepper with guacamole
  • Greek yogurt and mixed berries
  • Cottage cheese with flax seeds and cinnamon
  • Celery sticks with cream cheese
  • Kale chips

Low-Fat Dinner Options

When you are struggling hard to lose weight and stay super fit, it is advised to add low fat meals to your diet to get all the vital nutrients. Eating scrumptious, low-calorie meals will make it easier to achieve your weight loss goals.

Try these low-fat dinner recipes for your obesity diet plan to satisfy your taste buds and nutritional needs.

  • Coconut lime marinated shrimp with voodles
  • Grilled watermelon with steak salad
  • Smashed pea and ricotta pappardelle
  • Grilled chicken with smoky corn salad
  • White bean and tuna salad with basil vinaigrette
  • Apricot sage chicken with carrots
  • Seared sea bass with lemon olive white beans
  • Slow cooker Thai beef curry
  • Creamy chicken quesadillas
  • Grilled basil chicken with zucchini
  • Steak and rye Panzanella

Weight Loss Benefits for Obese People

Losing weight is important for your medical and psychological health. If you are overweight, eat healthy and reduce your risk of some life-threatening diseases. Here are some medical benefits of weight loss.

  • Decreased joint pain
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disorders
  • Decreased stress

Weight Loss Tips to Control Obesity


Exercise is one of the most effective and healthy ways to burn fat and calories, not only for sedentary obese people, but people with ideal weight. Exercise is highly beneficial for both who are obese as it improves the way your body works, makes you feel better, improve your mood. Prior to start any work out, make sure you are physically prepared for this exercise session. Overweight people should perform at least spend 30 minutes of workout to get started on a path to a leaner. Doing chores such as daily housework, gardening, cooking, and cleaning can also keep you active and burn calories. Here are a few physical activities that you can incorporate into your regular fitness routine

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Strength training
  • Stationary bike
  • Water aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Using an Elliptical

Use Calorie Counter

Knowing how many calories you need to eat to lose weight is important for a successful weight loss journey. Men can consume 1900 calories per day, while women can consume 1400 calories a day. The best way to reduce your calories is to replace highly processed and sugary food choices with fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy foods.

Using an app can makes it a lot easier to check the number of calories you are eating. When you know how many calories are allowed to eat per day, you can easily keep track of the number of calories you are eating. My Fitness Pal, Lose It!, FatSecret, Fooducate, Lifesum,  My Diet Coach, Calorie Count are a few useful calorie counter apps that will help you eat healthy, and track every food that goes in your mouth.

Go for a Meal Replacement Plan

Meal replacement diet plans are a good option for obese people to lose weight fast. One of the best things about choosing a meal replacement plan is that they are made up of low-calorie shakes, soups, and snacks that contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients. Meal replacement diet plans can help obese people to lose weight, keep it off and assist weight management.

Take Weight Loss Supplements

Besides following an obesity diet plan and doing physical activities, taking weight loss supplements is another great idea to help you lose weight. There are some weight loss supplements that make it easier to shed extra pounds combined with other weight loss methods. Weight loss supplements work by controlling your appetite, increasing satiety, boosting fat burning process and delay the absorption of essential nutrients. Some most popular weight loss supplements and pills include:

  • Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Hydroxycut, caffeine
  • Orlistat, raspberry ketones
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Glucomannan
  • Meratrim
  • Green tea
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • Bitter orange extract
  • Forskolin

Dietary Modifications

Obese people are highly recommended to follow a balanced diet and participate in different physical activities for better weight loss results.  However, adopting some lifestyle and dietary changes can make it easier for overweight people to prevent obesity and maintain a healthy weight. Here are some dietary changes for obesity and weight loss that you can adopt for achieving long-term results. Making these small changes can create a great impact on your overall health.

  • Control portion size
  • Eat slowly and mindfully
  • Say no to junk food
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Limit your carb intake
  • Eat lean meat
  • Eat whole grains
  • Stay away from trans fat
  • Cut back on added sugar
  • Avoid refined carbs
  • Take probiotic supplements

A Word From Explore Diet

Maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a well-balanced diet is hard work. If you want to stay fit and healthy, keep active, eat a healthy diet, and get enough sleep to treat obesity. Following these weight loss tips, and obesity diet plan will help you lose weight significantly that is important to improve your overall health and prevent you from serious health conditions.


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