Cutting Down on Sugar? 8 Natural Sweeteners You Can Eat During a Sugar Detox

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Cutting Down on Sugar? 8 Natural Sweeteners You Can Eat During a Sugar Detox

If you are thinking to give sugar-free diet a whirl or just started your sugar detox meal plan, you might be wondering what foods are allowed and how you can live without sugar. Since eating too much sugar can lead to several health issues, including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and more. Quitting sugar is a sensible decision to stay healthy and manage your weight.

Cutting back on sugar is a challenge, especially if you are addicted to sugar. Going sugar-free with a sugar detox can help you break the habit quickly and permanently. Fortunately, there are many low-carb, natural sweeteners that make it a bit easier to follow a sugar-free diet while satisfying your sweet tooth.  

There is no need to give up sweetness, here I have listed eight natural sweeteners that are low in fructose, and actually good for your health.

1.       Stevia

Stevia is the most popular low-calorie sweetener that can be used to satisfy your sugar cravings. The best part about using stevia is, it tastes sweet but has no calories. Some studies suggest that stevia can control blood pressure, decrease blood sugar level in people with diabetes, and reduce weight. Stevia is a healthy and sweet addition to your sugar-free diet or ketogenic diet.

2.       Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener that is famous for its incredible health benefits. But keep in mind that honey contains more calories than sugar, so you should limit your intake and use less honey to achieve the sweetness. Raw, unrefined honey is a healthy alternative to sugar, contains vitamin B complex, vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. It also contains magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, iodine and sodium, zinc, antioxidants, and different enzymes, making it a nutrient-rich food.

3.       Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar serves as the best sugar substitute that you can use to satisfy your sugar cravings. It is loaded with minerals, antioxidants, iron, polyphenols, and phytonutrients that make it a healthy sugar alternative. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic value that makes it the best sugar alternative that you can add to your diet.

4.        Xylitol 

Xylitol, also known as birch sugar, is used as a sugar substitute that dieters can use in their diet. It is a natural constituent of cauliflower, berries, and plums. The good thing about consuming xylitol is, it provides 40% fewer calories than refined sugar. Plus, it keeps your blood sugar level under controlled after consuming it. It contains 2.4 calories per gram.  

5.       Agave Nectar

Agave nectar, also known as agave syrup, is extracted from the agave plant that can be used as an alternative to sugar. It sweets like honey but has a thinner consistency. It can easily dissolve in foods and drinks. Agave syrup is loaded with vitamins and minerals and doesn’t spark blood sugar level after eating it.

6.       Yacon Syrup

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Yacon syrup is extracted from the roots of the Yacon plant that contains many medicinal properties. It is considered as the weight-loss-friendly supplement that can significantly reduce weight. This sweet-tasting syrup is a healthy sweetener option that has a low-calorie count and prebiotic power. Yacon consumption can combat constipation and lower the risk of cancer.   

7.       Dates

Dates are a powerhouse sweetener that is rich in vitamin B6, copper, potassium, iron, and magnesium. If you are following a paleo diet, ketogenic diet, or sugar-free diet, these uber-sweet, healthy fruit can easily be included in your diet plan. The best thing about consuming this calorie-dense nutrient is, they are easily digested and easily metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. You can replace sugar with dates and use dates sugar in salad dressing, smoothies, cookies, muffins, oatmeal, and in your favorite pie. Dates are loaded with fibre, have a low glycemic level and can reduce LDL cholesterol level in your blood, and lower the risk of cancer. You can use dates syrup, date sugar, and raw dates to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8.        Maple Syrup

Maple syrup, also known as liquid gold, is a good sugar substitute that is an incredible source of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and other beneficial compounds. It is a healthy natural sweetener that is highly nutritious and has a low glycemic index than sugar. This is why it is considered as a better option than sugar. Sugar can easily be replaced with maple syrup. If you need to lose weight, it is advised to consume maple sugar in moderation, as consuming a small amount of this sweetener won’t make things worse.  

Bottom Line

Natural sweeteners provide outstanding health benefits, like reducing cholesterol levels, controlling blood pressure, and lowering the risk of heart diseases. It is extremely important to know sugar substitutes when you are on a sugar detox diet. Try any of these healthy sweetener options during your sugar detox and stay healthy   


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