Fountain of Health; The Importance Of Getting A Colon Cleanse

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Fountain of Health; The Importance Of Getting A Colon Cleanse

Even with a regular bowel movement, most people have about 7-10 pounds of old fecal matter in their colons, lining the walls of the intestine and wedged between the nooks and crannies of the colon. A number of factors might contribute to this development, including lack of high-fiber foods in the diet, inadequate consumption of water, and eating denatured, processed foods.

Even with viable dietary habits, chronic constipation creates a mucoid plaque gradually that covers the lining of the intestines. This further exacerbates the constipation problem by narrowing the intestinal passage. No matter your age and state of health, colon cleanse is a healthy habit for everyone!

It’s critical to grasp the importance of eradicating this putrid fecal matter from your colon. Following up on colon Detox programs and doing internal colons cleanse is one of the greatest steps that you can take to reverse or prevent myriad health problems. In addition to the below listed symptoms, a toxic colon can leave you susceptible to IBS, immune dysfunction, anemia, diverticulosis or diverticulitis, and colorectal cancer. In order to steer clear of colon cancer, Detox your colon regularly and keep it clean.

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Parasites tend to thrive in fecal decay and can embed themselves within the walls of the Colon. No amount of herbal formulas or anti- parasite medication can reach them effectively until the encrusted feces (mucoid plaque)  has been softened until they peel off the walls of the colon. Harmful bacteria will also build up in the intestinal track whenever there are parasites in the body. This generates excess mucus which the parasites can feed on. As parasites, such as germs, bacteria, and worms, invade the system, your body is at a greater risk for disease and infections.

For instance, if food or water has become contaminated by putrid matter, it is likely home to parasites. If you have consumed food which was undercooked or poorly washed, or ingested water from unknown sources, it is indispensable to undergo a parasite cleanse. Doing so regularly robs these toxic invaders of food and are swept out of your system, along with the bad bacteria that can lead to severe diseases and discomfort.

For this reason, the most viable colon cleansers often incorporate herbs to trigger peristalsis and push the waste products out of the body, herbal formulas to eradicate all parasites and their eggs, and a high-quality fiber mix. In order to rejuvenate the normal intestinal flora, be sure to use a colon cleanser incorporating a Probiotic mix of myriad strains of friendly bacteria.

Some people go as far as to say that your death begins in your colon. Thus, autointoxication means that your body is poisoned by the cesspool of putrid material in the colon. When this waste material decays, it releases toxins into the blood stream, which deposits them in all the parts of the body. This weakens your immune factor and is the leading cause of diseases.  Here are some great benefits afforded by a colon cleanse :

Making the digestive system more effective

When you perform a colon cleanse, your body pushes undigested waste towards excretion, thus getting it out of your system and clearing the path for good nutrient absorption. When waste products are allowed to stay in your system for protracted periods, your colon becomes a breeding ground for illness and bacteria. A Colon Detox ensures a clean colon, allowing undigested waste products to pass unhindered through your system.

Prevents constipation and Maintains regularity

Chronic constipation leads to a lethargic digestive response, which causes the waste products to stay in the system for longer than they should be allowed to. This escalates the probability of toxins being released into your bloodstream. It also leads to bodily irritations and other illnesses, such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Enhanced energy

The rejuvenating feeling caused when the toxins are eradicated from your body is due to the redirection of energy, previously used up for pushing waste through your intestines, to more important processes of your body. People who undergo a regular colon cleanse say that they have noticed a boost in energy, more restful sleep, and better blood circulation.

Enhances the body’s absorption of Nutrients and Vitamins

A cleansed and healthy colon only allows the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and water into the bloodstream, rather than permitting bacteria and toxins to permeate the walls of the colon into the surrounding blood stream. A colon Detox opens up the path for essential vitamins and nutrients to filter unobstructed into your bloodstream.

Boosts concentration

Ineffective Vitamin consumption supplemented with a poor diet can cause you to lose your concentration and feel distracted more often. The buildup of toxins and mucous in your colon can hinder your body from receiving the essential nutrients that it needs to function, even when you are a healthy eater. The only difference between not being able to focus and feeling alert is a good colon cleanse regime. Lack of focus has far-reaching ramifications for your overall health, your intimate relationships, and your work life.

Kick-starts weight loss

Food groups devoid of Fiber move through your colon at ¼ the speed of high-fiber fares. When food moves at such a snail pace through the colon, it causes excess mucous to be generated. This mucous stick to the walls of the intestinal track ad weights it down with bulks of rotten fecal matter. Research has shown that colon cleanse could be the new secret to weight loss as well. In fact, some people claim that they have lost up to 20 pounds of weight because of colon cleanse in just over a month.

An average human colon weights about four pounds and has the capacity to hold up to 8 meal’s worth of food before kicking digestion into gear. A regular cleanse can jump start your metabolism and cause marked weight loss, as well as ensuring your overall body wellness.

Mitigates risk of colon cancer

Your liver and gastrointestinal system end up processing the plethora of toxins that you absorb through your skin, breath in, drink, and consume in a day. These toxins can wreak havoc on your bodily processes if they are not eliminated from your liver and colon without any delays. By eliminating the stagnant body waste, you mitigate the risks of cancerous growths, cysts, and polyps in your gastrointestinal tract and colon.

Increases fertility

Healthy food choices and an increase in the intake of fiber, in combination with periodic colon cleanse, ensure regularity and keep your weight in check. Since fat is estrogen based, an excess of fat makes it harder to conceive. A colon that is burdened with years of hefty buildup causes strains by pressing upon the uterus and reproductive organs in women. Additionally, a colon cleanse rids your body of myriad toxins and chemicals that affect the sperm and the egg negatively. Some naturopaths go as far as to suggest that both partners undergo colon cleansing, before attempting for a child.

Maintains pH Levels in the bloodstream

Colon blocking foods are generally acid forming, especially the fiber lacking high protein diets. This leads to a general disturbance in the body. This causes the tissue of the colon to become inflamed and diseased, hindering its ability to allow only vitamins, minerals, and water into the bloodstream, and block everything else. If fecal material, parasites, fungus, molds, and yeasts are allowed to enter the connected tissue and bloodstream, the PH balance of the body will be thrown into a state of disarray.

Ensures whole-body well-being

Releasing layer s upon layers of colon buildup rids the body of toxins and waster, leading to feelings of strength, lightness, and an overall good health.

How is Colon Cleansing Done?

Herbal colon cleansing combines a colon cleansing diet with doses of colon cleansing supplements, which includes Probiotics (beneficial bacteria), digestive enzymes, herbs which are known to kill worms and parasites, and herbs popular for stimulating the intestines, gall bladder, and liver, such as slippery elm, African mango, flax seeds, Cascara Sagrada, or Psyllium husk.

Which Are The Best Colon Cleansers in the Market?

Although the market is sprawling with a plethora of colon cleansing supplements that tout great results, not all supplements address both eliminating the parasites and cleansing the colon. Others simply incorporate a couple of laxative herbs that are ineffective at breaking down the old mucoid plaque, but simply expel the lingering fecal matter out the body. Such products are generally concocted from inferior ingredients and should be refrained from.

When going completely natural, the best colon cleansers combine with parasite removal remedies to provide a multi-faceted and holistic approach that is comprehensive enough to:

  • Loosen and eradicate old, impacted fecal matter from the body
  • Destroy and flush out all the intestinal parasites
  • Fill up the colon with Probiotics to ensure the health of the intestinal flora – the good intestinal bacteria that support the immune system and assists in digestion.
  • Be safe and gentle enough to use. Thus, providing all the benefits of a cleansing treatment without embarrassing and excruciating trips to the doctors.

Healthy Diet to Include as Part of your Detoxification Process

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In order to make the best of your colon cleansing regime, here are a few recommendations for a healthy diet:

  • Get your fill of water: Consuming adequate amounts of fluids, especially pure water and fresh diluted juices, in indispensable to keep your colon cleansed. 8 to 12 cups of fluids are recommended each day.
  • Eat a High Fiber Diet: Your ideal diet should incorporate a blend of soaked dried fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and soaked whole mucilaginous seeds.
  • Take a good Probiotic supplement: Ideally, consume Probiotics with a wide array of beneficial bacterial strains.
  • Repeat the Deep colon cleanse Twice Annually: Modern diet is devoid of the natural fiber and nutrients we need and is constipating. If you daily meals include a lot of processed foods, you should do a colon cleanse twice a year.
  • Foods to Avoid During a colon Cleanse: Pancakes, Chips, Cookies, cakes, white bread, pizza, refined flour and white flour, Hamburgers, candies, sandwiches, Bolognese, chicken with gravy, Fries, Dairy without vegetables or fruit, Fibreless proteins like Fish and Meat, Instant mashed potatoes, cheese, pasta, soy flour, Meat and egg substitutes, Deep-fried and Breaded Foods, vegetable seed oils, processed sugars, and all dry and hard foods.

Healing the Damage

After you have finished the herbal cleanse, it is prudent to consider some maintenance products to heal the damage wreaked by the parasites on your intestines. For instant, therapeutic strength L-Glutamin seeks to help the lining of the intestinal tract. Additionally, Probiotics help to restore the balance between the bad and good bacteria inside the colon and ensures the health of the beneficial flora.  Furthermore, consuming a viable enzyme in addition to hydrochloric acid makes your intestinal environment hostile to future parasitic infestation.


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