The 9 Commandments Of Permanent Weight Loss Thou Shalt Never Forget

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The 9 Commandments Of Permanent Weight Loss Thou Shalt Never Forget

No doubt, permanent weight loss can be an elusive, exasperating and a tearjerker process for most. With a plethora of weight loss tips and tricks online, it can serve to be a little overwhelming for a dieter as what works for one person, might not work for the other. If you just Google “permanent weight loss,” you’ll find millions of results! Starvation and deprivation are hardly the solution. When it comes down to that, there are a few godsent commandments of permanent weight loss that should be the mantra of every weight stricken individual, determined to ditch those extra pounds without compromising on health:

The Ultimate Commandments of Permanent Weight Loss:

1)    Thou Shalt Never Skimp On Breakfast

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Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and aids your body in burning fat. Whatever diet plan you adopt, make sure a sustainable breakfast is a vital part of it. Not your old carb-loaded meal but a high fiber, protein rich, calorie restricted fare that keeps you satiated for long.

2)    Thou Shalt Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

How to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables | American Heart Association

Incorporating vegetables and fruits in your diet aims for long term weight loss. These low calorie packages are laden with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote the overall health of the body, while the high water and fiber content induces a feeling of fullness to stave off the carb cravings. Fruit is best taken on an empty stomach as it can cause fermentation when taken after meals. The best way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet is to substitute veggies and fruits for higher-calories foods. For instance, what you can do is to add another layer of cucumber, tomato, and lettuce in place of cheese or extra meat in your sandwich. Use spiralized zucchini or carrot noodles or spaghetti squash instead of processed pasta. According to a Penn State Study, dieters who added pureed vegetables to any of their meals, tended to eat less and felt satiated for long.

3)    Thou Shalt stay Hydrated

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

Here is one of the most important rules of permanent weight loss. Water helps the body flush out the toxins and suppresses hunger. Staying hydrated becomes all the more important when you follow an active lifestyle and exercise through the day. At times our body construes thirst as hunger and makes us eat more. Keep your body well hydrated to steer clear of unhealthy mid night snack cravings. Cold water boosts your metabolism up by 30% so remember to drink a glass of water before meals. Always keep a bottle of water at hand, especially while hitting the gym. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people lost a considerable weight simply by replacing high-calorie beverages with water.

4)    Thou Shalt Downsize Portions

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Overeating sabotages all your weight loss dreams, even when eating healthy foods. Use smaller plates, bowls and dishes to trick your mind in to feeling fulfilled. What we are telling you is to practice mindful eating. For instance, When you eat from a salad plate, instead of a dinner plate, you can trick your mind into thinking you have had your fill. If you are looking for permanent weight loss, aim to eat 3/4th your hunger and leave some water and breathing space inside your body. Researchers from Cornell University discovered that people who eat from bigger bowls tended to eat 16 percent more cereal than those given smaller bowls, yet still thinking that they ate less.

5)    Thou Shalt Rest More

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Ravenous carb cravings are often the result of sleep deprivation since it triggers the release of a chemical, known as Ghrelin, which promotes hunger and accumulates fat. Sleep is also known to combat the fat gene. 7-8 hours of sleep is imperative for an adult to keep the body functioning normally.

6)    Thou Shalt Embrace Workouts

What's driving the home workout revolution? | Mirafit

For those aspiring to lose a noticeable weight, exercising 50-60 minutes in a day for 6 days is indispensable. Don’t hesitate to get intense and work up a sweat. You might try fun exercising alternatives such as aerobics, yoga, swimming, hiking, cycling or walking. Also opt for strength training workouts as they make the muscles stronger while boosting metabolism. The important part is to build a routine and stick to it.

7)    Thou Shalt Eat More Protein

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When we talk about ensuring permanent weight loss, this is a gem. Proteins help you feel fuller for long and helps shed fat in the body since it is digested and assimilated slowly by the body. Proteins make for a sustainable and hearty meal option especially at breakfasts. Opt for lean meat cuts, eggs, fish and low fat dairy.

8)    Thou Shalt Drink an Elixir

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Drinking warm water with a squeeze of lemon, on an empty stomach jump starts the metabolic system and provides an alkaline environment for the digestion of subsequent meals. Make it a habit to drink this potion first thing in the morning!

9)    Thou Shalt Augment Lean Body Mass

Nutrition Tips to HIIT your Next Workout

Did you know that exercise only makes up 15% of your caloric expenditure, while 70% of the calories you burn daily are attributed to your basal metabolic rate? The only logical reasoning to deduce from this is that you need to boost your basal metabolic rate. And the correct way to do this is to boost your lean muscle mass.

Putting aside the benefits to your cardio health, strength training can really serve to kick your metabolism into 4th gear and guarantee permanent weight loss in the long run. While most gym-goers tend to overlook strength training in their fitness regimes, it is one of the best ways of enhancing your lean muscle mass. Women, especially, are wary of strength training since they worry about bulking up. In reality, strength training tones them up. As you build muscle mass, your body has to work extra hard to preserve the newly gained muscle tissue, thus further burning more calories. Don’t worry; you don’t need to hit the gym every day. Two days a week of strength training should suffice. Run on and pump some iron.

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