7 Best Probiotics For Kids; Ensure a Healthy Gut Flora From Early Childhood

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7 Best Probiotics For Kids; Ensure a Healthy Gut Flora From Early Childhood

What Hippocrates asserted more than 2000 years earlier, we are starting to comprehend just now; Research has unveiled that gut health is tantamount to the overall well-being of the body and contributes to a wide array of diseases, including chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, autism spectrum disorder, rheumatoid Arthritis, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and Diabetes.

A properly functioning GI system is one of the greatest blessings yet is often treated as the stepchild of the family; overlooked, underappreciated, and ill-treated until it makes you take notice. Replenishing the integrity of the gut barrier and supporting gastrointestinal health from early childhood would be the most important goal of the century, it seems!

Our gut is home to almost 100 trillion thriving microorganisms. In fact, the human gut nurtures over 400 known bacterial species, and contains almost ten times more bacteria than all the cells in the human body combined. Inside our gut, this “friendly bacteria” can replace harmful pathogens and influence our body composition, digestion, metabolism, and overall health. It is also responsible for strengthening the immune system and preventing allergies.

In addition, the gut bacteria:

  • Synthesizes vitamins K and B
  • Helps regulate blood flow to the viscera
  • Monitors intestinal mucus secretion
  • Produces cytokines (cell signaling molecules), polyamines and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)
  • Metabolizes other plant drugs/compounds
  • Obstructs the growth of pathogens and “bad bacteria”
  • Enhances nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Improves gastrointestinal function and motility
  • Is responsible for growth and coagulation factors

After ample research, we have begun to comprehend the role of the gut flora in sustaining human health. Unfortunately, these aspects of our modern lifestyle wreak havoc on our gut flora:

  • Diets high in processed foods, sugar, and refined carbohydrates
  • Antibiotics and other medications
  • Dietary toxins such as industrial seed oils and wheat that cause leaky gut
  • Diets low in fermentable fibers
  • Chronic infections

Antibiotics are especially counterproductive to the development of the gut flora. Recent studies have proven that excessive antibiotic in kids use leads to a rapid and profound shift in the composition and a loss of diversity of the gut flora. This diversity cannot be reversed without intervention. In addition, infants who are not breast-fed or born to mothers with an unhealthy gut flora are more susceptible to developing unhealthy gut bacteria. This translate into a host of health debilities in the future, such as depression, eczema/psoriasis, Diabetes, and obesity.

Here’s where Probiotics come into play: Probiotics can promote optimum health by nourishing and replenishing this internal supply of good bacteria in kids. Adequate consumption of probiotics can help to eradicate dermatitis, lower cholesterol, alleviate inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), assuage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and provide relief from vomiting, diarrhea, food poisoning, nausea, allergies, reflux, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain.

We reviewed dozens of best probiotics for kids to identify best supplements for your little ones. We scoured for liquids and powders that you can slip into your child’s food serendipitously and gummy vitamins that your toddlers will never get enough of. We tested liquids that can be administered with the help of a dropper, and chewable that they will love munching on. After much research, we have found the best probiotics for kids to get those essential probiotics into their system without any tantrums:

Here are the Best Probiotics For Kids In 2020!

1.      Probonix Grape Liquid Probiotic Drops

probiotics for kids

The Grape Liquid Probiotic drops work wonders for your child’s health. They incorporate eight effective probiotic strains to tackle six of the most common childhood issues, including asthma, constipation and diarrhea, gas, colic and thrust. The supplement passes unharmed through the stomach’s acidic environment due to its effective coating. The drops are easy to swallow and do not need any refrigeration. Not to mention, the scrumptious grape-flavored taste means that your kids will actually look forward to supplement time.

2.      Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies

Image result for Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies

These fruit-flavored gummies work to promote your child’s immune and digestive system in the long run. These gummies help alleviate abdominal discomfort and bloating, as well as get rid of occasional diarrhea. Its innovative protein shell helps it pass unharmed through the Stomach so that your child gets the maximum benefit of the probiotic. It is suitable for 3-year-olds and above therefore suitable for almost everyone in your family.

3.      Culturelle Kids Chewables

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These chewable tablets are a rich source of Lactobacillus rhamnosus G strain that is very helpful for stomach upsets. As compared to some of the best probiotics for kids, their berry taste makes them easier for kids to bear. Also, the tablets are gluten free and dairy free, but do contain a negligent amount of sugar. These probiotics have undergone rigorous testing, but they are a bit on the pricier end of the spectrum.

4.      Up 4 A Happier Inside

Image result for Up 4 A Happier Inside kids

These are one of the best probiotics for kids that you will find on the markets. This chewable formula contains 1 billion CFUs, in addition to Vitamin D. There are two main strains of probiotics used in this formula: Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 and Bifidobacterium lactis UABla-12. This supplement fortifies your digestive processes and boosts immunity.

5.      Garden Of Life – Dr. Formulated Probiotics Organic Kids+

Image result for Garden Of Life – Dr. Formulated Probiotics Organic Kids+

The Dr. Formulated Probiotics Organic Kids+ is Certified USDA Organic. It incorporates 14 probiotic strains, and is further supplemented with Vitamins C and D. Another benefit of this brand is that it is devoid of gluten, soy, and dairy. This supplement also contains an organic prebiotic blend that includes organic Acacia, which supports the good bacteria in your child’s digestive tract. The only downside is the taste and the size of the tablets.

6.      Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids

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Kids have a hard time ingesting tablets, which is why these “pearls” of probiotics are one of the best probiotics for kids. Each pearl is home to 3 billion CFU of probiotics, such as B lactis, B infantis, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum, as well as a naturally derived prebiotic that helps the bacteria in your child’s colon thrive. Its controlled-release delivery means that the pearls slowly release consistent levels of their constituents. These non-GMO pearls are free of yeast, gluten, and lactose. They are also devoid of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, nuts, iron, sugar, and soy. A word of caution though: they contain dairy, and your child may not take well to the taste.

7.      Primary Flora Probiotic

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These 8mm micro-sphere tablet are easy for your child to swallow and do not need refrigeration. It contains 12 organic probiotic strains that help improve your child’s digestive system health as well as boost their immune system, keeping them happy at all times. Its multiple live cultures add to its strength. Timed release promises its safe passage to the gut, without being destroyed by the stomach’s harsh environment.








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