8 Reasons To Add Boxing To Your Fitness Routine

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8 Reasons To Add Boxing To Your Fitness Routine

For most people, boxing may seem like a rough sport that is not for them, but in reality, it is one of the most viable full-body workouts you can do without much ado. So if you want a full-body workout that would have you sweating it out as you crush calories and garner a sculpted, chiseled shape, its high time you put on your boxing gloves and invest in the nearest boxing classes to complement your fitness routine. If you still harbor some reservations about rouging it out, here are 7 reasons to change your mind:

1)    Boxing is a Total Body Workout

Boxing kills two birds with one stone! Being a comprehensive strength and cardio workout, boxing tends to target your entire body. In addition to ensuring cardio respiratory fitness an boosting strength, boxing also serves to enhance a plethora of other skill-related parameters of fitness, such as agility reactivity, coordination, and balance!

2)    Boxing Burns Calories Faster

Boxing is perhaps one of the most high-intensity training workouts in your fitness routine. Since most boxing rounds alternate between periods of active recovery and maximum effort, it is simultaneously an anaerobic and aerobic workout. This means that as you amp up your intensity, your body is in need of more energy than simple aerobic metabolism can supply and thus you fall in to the territory of anaerobic training. This sort of exercise helps to enhance power, speed, and strength, and boosts your metabolism. When compared with running at a steady pace, boxing can burn way more calories in the same time frame.

3)    Boxing Flattens Belly

Do you want serious six packs; the ones that have onlookers stare in covetable wonder? If so, it is time to ditch the sit-ups and get in to the rings. Boxing is highly taxing on your core since you need to need to rotate your hips to deliver a more potent blow and get full extension. This helps you burn more calories than merely lying on the floor for isolated abs work, and soon you would be able to flaunt that flat belly.

4)    Boxing Staves off Stress

When you can’t wait to punch out your stress and exasperation, what better way than to take it out on a heavy sand-filled bag- no harm done! The hormonal response and the adrenaline released during boxing far supersede any physical benefits. Hitting something is a productive and healthy way to vent out pent up frustrations and, the ensuing rush of endorphins is sure to make you happier as well.Tough day at work? Hit the bag!.

5)    Boxing Establishes Grace

While Fine-tuning coordination might not make your list of gym goals right now, it is highly indispensable down the road. Coordination aids in you strengthening the body-brain connection and performing better in other workouts as well, since it enhances the awareness of your body. No other exercise routine accomplishes this feat, but eye-hand coordination is a must for boxing!

6)    Boxing Is Upper Body Cardio

Most of the cardio workouts that you do are focused on your lower body. However, when it comes to boxing, most of your primary moves come from your upper body, rendering it a feasible cross-training exercise when you want to ditch a cycling or a running rut, or want to get some audio that won’t wreak havoc on your legs.

7)    Boxing Keeps Enhancing Your Body

To put it in a nutshell, boxing keeps you on your toes, since there is always something new to learn on the go. You can think of it as a never-ending fitness challenge. When you incorporate boxing in your fitness routine, your muscles would always have a new bone to pick and thus your body would continue getting better in the process.

8) Builds Endurance

A few rounds in the ring (or at the bag) may provide a huge boost to your endurance levels. Once you’ve been boxing for a bit, you will witness an enhanced work output. These high-impact workouts gives you the ability to go longer without any acid build. Not to mention, boxing helps to build lung capacity, as well.

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